1950 Anders Andersson started a timber business in the small village of Fege.

1961 A sawmill was purchased in Fege and Fegens Sågverk AB was founded. The sawmill was run together with Anders' sons, Bertil and Mikael Andersson.

1982 Storcks Industrier AB in Smålandsstenar was acquired. To begin with, production took place in both Fege and Smålandsstenar.

1991 The AK Ericsson sawmill (Söderhamn Ericsson) with the associated raw sorting line was built in Smålandsstenar. In connection with the new construction, the entire operation was relocated to Smålandsstenar and all production in Fege ceased.

1997 Anders Andersson passed away and the company continued to be run by his sons, Bertil and Mikael.

2000 The old progressive tunnel drying kiln was replaced with a new ABB progressive kiln (now Valutec).

2004 The progressive kilns were rebuilt and two additional Valutec kilns were installed.

2005 A new trimmer was purchased from Rosén & Co Maskin AB.

2007 Söderhamn Ericsson's new edger was installed at 480 m/min.

2009 The sawmill was upgraded with a new intake from the barking machine to the first saw, as well as a new operating system from Rema Control.

2011 The measuring station was upgraded with a new step feeder from engineering firm Gösta Hedlund as well as a new safety system.

2012 A new planing works from Rosén & Co Maskin AB was built.

Ever since the company began in Smålandsstenar in 1982, it has gradually been rebuilt and modernised. To keep us ready for the future.



Fegens Sågverk AB

Såggatan 8

333 31 Smålandsstenar

Tel: +46 371-333 30

Fax: +46 371-302 00


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Opening hours

Monday-Friday 7am-4.30pm

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Monday-Thursday 6.30am-4pm, Friday 6.30am-1pm

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Tuesday, Thursday 1.30pm,
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Fegens Sågverk AB
Såggatan 8
333 31 Smålandsstenar Sweden
Tel: +46 371-333 30