Full service in the forest

We are your partner in the forest, whether it be for ground preparation, plantation, clearing, thinning or final harvest felling and forest fuel. We can also help with your forestry plans and certification.
As a landowner, it's up to you whether you want full forest management or if you want us to help with certain aspects of the work. Even the most active working landowner, who is extensively involved in the forestry work, can sometimes need a little advice, and that is why we are here.




Close to our suppliers

We help all landowners, big and small. Close contact with our suppliers contributes to a trusting flexibility that both parties benefit from in the long run.
If you choose to sell your timber to us as a felling assignment, shipping standing timber purchase (translator: I searched for a very long time to find a translation for this without success), standing timber or shipping timber, we will do our utmost to optimise a high yield from your forest. It is in both our interests, for you as a landowner and us as a sawmill.
Our range of standard spruce and pine timber, from +12 cm stacked together is highly appreciated.


Our partners in the forest

Fegens Sågverk AB has both final harvest felling teams and thinning teams. This is so that we can fulfil our commitment to you, our supplier. We strive (translator: are they looking for new staff or communicating their desire to always have this?) for skilled entrepreneurs with modern machines, as well as responsible drivers that know what they're doing. We can also provide Swedish manual lumberjacks if that is what you are looking for.
Short lead times is the motto for our local haulage contractor, who provides us with timber transportation from your forest.
If you want us to carry out your forestry work, for example ground preparation, plantation or clearance, we have a Swedish workforce that can help you. We are also able to provide Swedish provenance on plants. The work can also be carried out by a foreign workforce if necessary.
Forestry planning is carried out in-house using the pcSKOG planning program.


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Mikael Andersson

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We buy:

  • Spruce and pine timber from +12 cm mixed variety

  • Spruce pulpwood

  • Coniferous pulpwood

  • Birch pulpwood

  • Fuel wood

  • We carry out:
  • Final harvest felling projects

  • Thinning projects

  • Ground preparation

  • Plantation

  • Clearance

  • Forestry planning

  • Forest management

  • We sell:
  • Plants

  • We value the forest!



    Fegens Sågverk AB

    Såggatan 8

    333 31 Smålandsstenar

    Tel: +46 371-333 30

    Fax: +46 371-302 00


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    Opening hours

    Monday-Friday 7am-4.30pm

    Loading level
    Monday-Thursday 6.30am-4pm, Friday 6.30am-1pm

    Sawdust out-loading
    Tuesday, Thursday 1.30pm,
    please call in advance!

    Fegens Sågverk AB
    Såggatan 8
    333 31 Smålandsstenar Sweden
    Tel: +46 371-333 30